“Roseann has taken care of all our landscaping needs for more than twenty years. Her last project for us was a total renovation of our front yard including hardscape. In addition to designing planting, she can design and coordinate the installation of rock walls, patio paving, fencing, irrigation and lighting.”

– Craig Chu

“My husband and I had a vision to transform our Berkeley backyard into a useable, beautiful space after it had been neglected for many years during busy years of parenting young children and starting a business. It was not a project for the faint-of-heart, with rampant oxalis weeds throughout, no irrigation system, remnants of morning glory vines that suffocate all neighboring plants, uneven pavement in patches, and a large, dying plum tree in the middle of the yard.

Enter Roseann.

She helped us transform the space into a low-maintenance, beautiful garden for our family. Roseann listened closely to our vision, and then added to that vision with helpful suggestions based on her landscape architectural background. She helped oversee the successful redesign of the entire space, creating utility (for example, an easy paved pathway for dragging our garbage cans to and from the street, something we did not have before) and beauty (for example, curving lines throughout our walkways and plants pleasing to the eye that were just right for our climate).

Roseann was an adept project manager, helping connect us to a professional paving company for our paver and concrete work, and bringing in her stellar gardening staff to help with the planting and the installation of an irrigation system. She also helped me feel involved in the aspects of the project that I found the most fun, like picking out plants together at a beautiful nursery she had recommended, which also had great pricing.

We cannot recommend Roseann highly enough. Her work for us came just in the nick of time, as she completed the work about a year before COVID hit. For the first two years of the pandemic, our family literally ate outside every night in the summer, and often throughout the fall and spring seasons as well. It felt like we had gained a new room to our house that brought us happy memories together as a family during those challenging years.

If you need help redesigning or updating or simply getting some advice for your garden space, Roseann is an expert you won’t want to miss working with.”

– Krista Shaffer

“I was having my lower yard (I live on a steep hillside), terraced by another contractor. Unasked, she pointed out some issues with the job being done. I switched gears with Roseann in control. The terracing that now exists is artistic and beautiful and stable, made with real rock (unlike the prior attempt) and wonderfully green and plant rich. She continues to provide gardening support as needed. I am very thankful for her expertise and talent and work ethics.”

– Sabine von Glinski

“I love working with Roseann! She took our lumpy hillside and created welcoming spaces that flow naturally with the land. She put in a solid infrastructure, repairing our crumbling stone walls, replacing our ancient irrigation, and amending our poor soil. And, most of all, Roseann really listened to what we wanted–our likes and dislikes–and sourced beautiful, unique plants that exceeded our expectations. Our new garden works in every way. It’s full of life: flowers, bees and hummingbirds, and we love it!”

– Pam R.

“Dal Bello Landscape Design was a pleasure to work with — they are very creative and cost-conscious, all the time attempting the best solution at the lowest cost. Our garden has been transformed, our updated watering system is so much more efficient, AND they saved our beautiful, old redwood fencing so it will not have to be replaced after all. Wonderful people, excellent service from beginning to end!”

– Diana D.

“We were never able to keep our garden looking good – until Roseann helped us select the right plants and modernize our irrigation. Butterflies and hummingbirds now pay us frequent visits and we get many compliments on our landscaping.”

– Angela B.